Factors involving fatty liver among women with symptoms of Metabolic Syndrome

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       Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is a common health problem among those with obesity and showing signs of metabolic syndrome. The symptoms vary from liver fibrosis, steatohepatitis, cirrhosis, and liver cancer and may present as complications for diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and chronic renal failure.

       The research aimed to study factors contributing to fat accumulation in liver among 170 female metabolic patients. The qualifying participants must present at least 3 out of 5 metabolic symptoms including 1) obese with greater than 35 inches of waist circumference 2) higher than 100 mg/dl of sugar level after fasting 3) higher than 150 mg./dl. of triglyceride in blood 4) lower than 50 mg./dl. of HDL and 5) higher than 130/85 mm. Hg blood pressure.

       The result showed that 24% of the participants were diagnosed with fatty liver disease through ultrasound. Identified Contributing factors included consumption of high fat meat, high trans fat, sugary and fructose drinks, and lack of regular exercise.

       It is thus evident the following practices would prevent fatty liver disease and symptoms of metabolic syndrome:

  1. Avoid high fat food such as crispy pork, pork belly, pork knuckles
  2. Reduce sugary or fructose drinks such as syrup-based drinks, iced tea or coffee, fructose beverages, sodas
  3. No trans fat such as food made with butter and margarine like cake, cookies, French fries, bread, and other baked goods
  4. Avoid alcoholic drinks such as beers and hard liquor
  5. Increase regular exercise at least 150 minutes a week such as climbing stairs, walking, running, biking, and other sports
  6. Consume low-calorie, fiber-rich food such as fruits and vegetables like broccoli, leafy greens, turmeric, garlic, apples, papaya, and various grains


Asscoc. Prof. Dr. Sununta Youngwanichsetha  and  Prof. Dr. Sasitorn Phumdoung

Faculty of Nursing, Prince of Songkla University

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