Make-up remover from rubber seed oil

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            In attempt to increase rubber value, Thai government has been interested in finding benefits of the unpopular and under-utilized rubber seeds. One idea was to distill its oil to make cosmetic products. PSU has discovered a Solvent Extraction method to maximize the amount and quality yielding.  Combining the technology of preparing multiple unbounded surfactants together with water to turn the product into a milky lotion.




            The product cleanses facial skin thoroughly and moisturizes naturally. Most importantly, the product also increases benefits and value to rubber seeds as well as farmer’s income while also producing new cosmetic products entirely domestically.





Gold Prize, Seoul International Invention Fair 2017, Seoul, Korea


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Thanaporn Amnuaikit, Asst. Prof. Dr. Sirirat Pinsuwan, and Mr. Pinithi Raknam

Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Prince of Songkla University.

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