“Jonjon” natural rubber paint

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       Jonjon is a natural rubber paint developed to demonstrate how useful rubber can be. Jonjon can safely be used in classroom, has no odor, and is safe for children. It can be painted on smooth surfaces like mirror, cloth, etc. Learning curve can be tracked through experimentation and observation such as if the paint may take longer to dry if applied in thicker layer and why the outer layer seems dry while the inside is still wet, how long it would take for thin layer of paint to dry, or the difference when applying on various surfaces, for example.

Open-ended play will allow imagination to create. Adults can use the paint on fabric, clothes, or accessories.



  1. To adding value to natural rubber
  2. To create teaching tools to children and general public


  1. Adding value to natural rubber
  2. Enhance fine motor and cognitive skills for the children


Faculty of Science and Technology, Pattani Campus
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