Banana bract packaging materials

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       Gutlee Community Enterprising Group is a gathering of youths and housewives residing in Baan Parae, Moo 2, Tambol Barahom, Muang, Pattanee province. They are called “Banana bract handicraft” as they make banana bract or other parts, especially from Tanee banana, into products like purses, boxes, etc.

The activity has created jobs and income for the youth, housewives, and the community. The products have received much interests particularly from those who are proactive in environmental preservation. The banana bract handicraft products are categorized in Green & Clean Innovation and is one of the products that can create business opportunity for the future. However, there are issues to resolve and improve including mold, the looseness of banana fiber, the absorption of humidity which decrease the quality and life of these products.

       For this reason, Office of Extension and Continuing Education joined hand with PSU Department of Rubber Technology and Polymer Science, Faculty of Science and Technology to develop not only a thin-film yet highly flexible coating that would prevent the loosening of the fiber, mold, and absorption of humidity or water but also glue that increases adhesion and prevent mold.

       Office of Extension and Continuing Education, PSU Pattani Campus, shared the knowledge on banana bract and paper environmental-friendly color dye and to support the design, tailor, and marketing opportunity to brand the products under “Gutlee group”.

      Objectives of the products/research

1. To share the knowledge and research with the community to develop the similar environmentally-friendly products

2. To create jobs and income to the Gutlee community members


1. The banana bract handicraft has created products like purses, boxes, and other environmentally-friendly products and with extended durability

2. The products add value to biological resources (banana tree) via fully integrated system

By Office of Extension and Continuing Education, 
Prince of Songkla University, Pattani Campus
Gutlee Community Enterprising Group, Barahom, Muang, Pattani
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