Make-up remover from rubber seed oil



            In attempt to increase rubber value, Thai government has been interested in finding benefits of the unpopular and under-utilized rubber seeds. One idea was to distill its oil to make cosmetic products. PSU has discovered a Solvent Extraction method to maximize the amount and quality yielding.  Combining the technology of preparing multiple unbounded surfactants together with water to turn the product into a milky lotion.

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First-Aid Robot


          Heart attack can occur without any warning signs. Basic first-aid knowledge can save lives. Therefore, training and education to the public on such skill is thus necessary. The problem has been there are not enough robots that are designed to facilitate such training; currently robots in use are expensive imports. PSU innovators are inspired by this cause and have invented Dung-Guan Robot, a human-like first-aid robot that is built with simple mechanism yet durable.

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Rhinacanthus nasutus solution via green extract to heal fungal skin diseases


      Herbal extract of Rhinacanthus nasutus, commonly known as snake jasmine, has been listed in Thailand National Medicinal Archive since the 2011 issue to the most current one of 2015 to be an ingredient of “Rhinacanthus Tincture” with property to heal fungal skin diseases such as ring worm and Athlete’s foot

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Smart Street Light and Builing


      Smart Street and Building is an application of Core Technology Street Light based on two research projects 1) IoT Thing Platform which links material, human, animals, and objects through an intelligent internet network and 2) PSU IoT Gateway which interconnects a network of things with the internet like a linkage that can be used inside and outside a building.

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High-fat Fungus Biodiesel from lignocellulosic waste


      In Thailand, the demand for fuel has risen following rapid increase of population. Because most fuel is exported, Thai economy suffers. Recently, biodiesel, which can be produced domestically from plant oil, is thought to becoming the next source of fuel. But the raw material is not sufficiently pacifying the rising demands hence the pressing need for new quality raw materials. Apparently, oil from fungus offers potential. 

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