Thailand Research Fund (TRF) is calling for proposals under the cooperative project between Thai-France for the fiscal year 2019-2020

The Office of Higher Education is inviting academias and researchers in the university level to submit proposals for a bilateral exchange program. Budget, not exceeding 150,000 THB/project/year, will be given for a 2-year project. The program is co-funded by Thai-OHE and France under the Franco-Thai Cooperation Programme in Higher Education and Research/Franco-Thai Molility Programme/PHC-SIAM) with the main objectives to develop human resources in mutually assigned subjected and to built networking between Thai and France universities.

Those who are interested should;

  1. Fill-in “FORM-01 application” defining name of the researchers and the affiliation
  2. Fill-in “FORM-02 Annex A” for research subject, objective, activity, duration, responsible person in details.
  3. Fill-in “FORM-03 Annex B” for annual budget
  4. Fill-in “FORM-04 Approval for the proposal from the institute” signed by the university president or assigned person
  5. Fill-in “FORM-05 Approval for budget” signed by the university president or assigned  person
  6. A front page from the university signed by the university president or assigned  person
  7. A brief history of the investigators, both Thai and France sides (not more than 3 pages/person)
  8. Submit a proposal together with another 6 copies (total 7 sets) to the Research and Development Office within July 18, 2018


For more details, please contact Miss Pinya Yawang by calling 0-7428-6958 or E-mail:


Date: 8 June 2018

Research and Development Office, Learning Resource Center Building,Floor. 11 - 12, Prince of Songkla University, Hat Yai, Songkhla 90110 Tel. 0-7428-6940-67, Fax 0-7428-6961 E-mail: