Food Innovation and Research Institute is accepting conceptual proposals

The Food Innovation and Research Institute (FiRiN) is accepting conceptual proposals focusing on continuing research and development based on pre-existing works and applied researches with business potential or those with values in solving community/industrial issues. Preference is placed on projects with concrete aims in one of these categories;

Continuing development from previous work

- Prototype development at the point ready to be transferred to industry/business

- Projects that use engagement tools in the Innohub program together with community/industry

- Duration of projects: 3 months (June-August 2018)

Budget and expected output

FiRiN will consider to support budget according to research output, i.e. patent/petty patent or a laboratory-level prototype or explicit application with benefactors. 10 grants of 100,000 THB each will be given to those with patent/petty patent or a prototype and 5 grants of 50,000 THB each for projects under the Innohub engagement initiation.

An interested researcher is advised to submit a concept proposal of 3-page length consisting of 1) Name of the project 2) Members of the team 3) Summarised concept of the project 4) Budget and Expected output. Each researcher may submit not more than 2 proposals. Submission is to be done via affiliated faculty/institute with approval notification from the authorised person that the researcher will allowed to contribute to the project.

Criteria for consideration

1. Potential of benefit or impact (35%)

2. Innovation (form patent search) and comparable with foreign products or increasing competitiveness (15%)

3. Technical possibility or chance to success (20%)

4. Readiness and expertise of the team members and identifiable benefactor (20%)

5. Budget appropriateness (10%)

Submit a proposal with faculty/institution approval to FiRiN within May 25, 2018

For more details, contact Miss Oranart Boonseng by calling 0-7428-2911 or E-mail:


Date: 8 June 2018

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