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Smart Andaman technology AR on mobile application for tourism

      Tourists emphasize using technology to plan their travel through new media on the internet and also smart phone or tablet devices. Began the development of application to facilitate travellers in Thailand including website, online social network, Facebook, and Twitter . ...

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Formalin-testing kit for seafood

      Formalin is known as embalming solution, which is commonly used to preserve dead bodies. With this known property, the solution has been illegally used to preserve vegetables and meat. Formalin is thus usually found in fresh seafood, vegetables, and meat. ...

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Synthesizing Composite Material inside Metal Pipe by Centrifugal Technique via the Self-Propagating High temperature Synthesis

      The Self-Propagating High temperature Synthesis (SHS) is an engineering technique developed to synthesize high-grade ceramic materials such as refractory, ceramic matrix composites, intermetallic compounds, and functional grade ...

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Sustainable palm oil production – challenge of Thai small-scale farmers

      As of 2015, Thailand ranked third in world’s palm oil output, responsible for 3% of production worldwide, behind Indonesia and Malaysia whose combined output accounts for more than 85% of the world’s production. ...

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Natural essential oils to repel Sitophilus zeamais Motschulsky

      Sitophilus zeamais Motschulsky is the most important issue of rice storage as it decreases quality and quantity of the rice product. To replace dangerous chemical pesticides to resolve such problem, extracting natural substance to use as organic pesticide is thus explored and has gained momentum due to its safety and biodegradability. ...

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